I am pleased to be able to share a year FREE access to a program of 45 international specialists speak about solutions to breast cancer recovery and wellness. I was honored to participate twice in this Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit, joining a panel of experts who you can find more about here.

The visionary Occupational Therapist, Denise Stewart, who has a lifelong passion for improving quality of life for breast cancer survivors, developed the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit project.  Stewart says that she found her “tribe” of like-minded breast cancer health professionals online and was inspired by their work individually and collectively.

Research shows that 50% – 90% of people after breast cancer experience difficulties for years after their treatment has finished. Stewart states that according to a 2016 study, 70% of clinical care cancer centers failed to provide details on cancer rehabilitation services. She created the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit to help breast cancer patients and survivors to learn more about medical and integrative services available to them, and to help them to find the right help to manage their own recovery and wellness issues after their breast cancer treatment. The important issues covered include lymphedema, sexuality, nutrition, mindfulness and meditation, oncology massage, breast prosthetics, acupuncture, scarring, neuropathy, post-
mastectomy pain, death and dying, and more.

Occupational Therapist, Denise Stewart

Denise Stewart assists a breast cancer survivor in healing from treatment side effects.

Current health care limitations can make it very difficult for breast cancer survivors to receive timely, up-to-date information and guidance on how to deal with the many potential difficult side effects and experiences after breast cancer treatment. These annoying or painful symptoms can occur during, and well after, the cancer treatment program. In both instances, it may be difficult for breast cancer patients and survivors to find either the energy or the right person to deal with these very complex symptoms.

​​The Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit  includes speakers who are coming from many different professional backgrounds and from different countries. These include doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, yoga, Reiki and Pilates instructors, oncology skin professionals, and many more, all speaking about their extensive experience in helping people recover after breast cancer.

Stewart explains that each speaker has been chosen because of their passion and experience in breast cancer recovery and wellness. As expected, the speakers offer their presentations freely for education purposes only, not as personalized advice or recommendations.

Click here or on the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit logo above to get FREE access through July of 2018.