Below, we have Q and A with the founder of NeoGenesis, Dr. Gregory Maguire, with a look at what goes into the development of a potentially game-changing skin care product for oncology patients.

Before founding NeoGenesis, Dr. Maguire was professor of neuroscience and ophthalmology at the University of Texas and the University of California, San Diego. He was awarded the prestigious Fulbright-Fogarty Fellowship from the National Institutes of Health, has over 100 publications, and is currently under contract to finish his book, “Adult Stem Cell Released Molecules: A Paradigm Shift to Systems Therapeutics.”

Dr. Maguire is the inventor of the patented S2RM® technology that is used in most of the NeoGenesis products, which have won the 2017 Innovative Ingredient Advancement Award by the Esthetician Connection; they were one of six winners from thousands of product lines tested. Some of Dr. Maguire’s publications can be found on PubMed (search: Maguire Greg), on the web, or through the NeoGenesis website.

How did you/your company get involved in working with the cancer community?

Originally, we developed the technology at NeoGenesis for wound care and neurodegenerative diseases. As our technology and products for wound care were developing, we encountered many cancer patients with radiation dermatitis, a condition of inflamed, weakened skin that follows treatment with ionizing radiation. Having discovered that our products were very efficacious in treating both acute and chronic radiation dermatitis, NeoGenesis began working closely with many cancer patients. Many of our team members at NeoGenesis personally witnessed the extreme physical and psychological trauma that many cancer patients experience. As a result, we wanted to do our part to serve these patients and thus became associated with a number of individuals and non-profit organizations who serve the cancer community. The NeoGenesis team considers it our duty and honor to work with the cancer community.

What are the benefits of your products – in general and specifically for people affected by cancer?

Currently, NeoGenesis offers a number of products that are topically applied to the skin in order to mitigate the pain and inflammation associated with exposure to ionizing radiation, whether the problem is acute and/or chronic. Equally important, our technology, which incorporates the molecules released from various adult stem cell types that are resident in the skin, is also helpful in rebuilding the skin, including the extracellular matrix. Even chronic radiation dermatitis patients–who have dealt with the condition for years–have achieved great benefit from starting the NeoGenesis regimen years after the onset of their condition.

The technology at NeoGenesis is really about homeostatic renormalization of the skin. What does this mean? Damaged and aged skin loses its natural balance of molecules, including the loss of proteostasis, which is a loss of the content and quality of proteins in the skin. The S2RM® technology of NeoGenesis simply returns to the skin what was present when we were young and healthy. For example, NeoGenesis’ S2RM® technology restores aged and/or damaged skin back to the normal number and quality of proteins, hence the term “homeostatic renormalization.”

Are there any research studies that you are aware of supporting the use of this technology?

There are numerous peer-reviewed publications supporting the role of stem cell released molecules in quelling inflammation and pain, and rebuilding the layers of the skin. Furthermore, a number of products have been approved by the FDA for wound healing that use the molecules from stem cells as their mechanism of action. While some approved products will use, for example, one growth factor such as PDGF, more advanced technologies, such as S2RM® from NeoGenesis, use a combination of factors from the stem cells, which will prove to be much more efficacious than just one or a few factors.

For more information on the science behind the NeoGenesis technology, see Product Science for Professionals and Consumer Product Science.

We have many case studies supporting the safety and efficacy of our products in mitigating the sequela associated with radiation dermatitis, as well as others who are experiencing various forms of wounded or damaged skin.

Visit the NeoGenesis website to read more about the products, the healing process of skin and the science behind each product. Links to White Papers, Bibliography and Resources, and Videos.