Resources for Integrative Cancer Care

Resources for Integrative Cancer Care

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The Integrative Cancer Review will be adding content to provide a variety of resources and information related to complementary and integrative cancer care.

These will include:

  • Resources for People Affected by Cancer – Bringing you research, tips and expert guidance on bringing more ease and wellness into your life.
  • Resources for Wellness Professionals – Providing information on trainings, classes and expert guidance for yoga teachers, massage therapists and other health and wellness professionals working in the cancer community.
  • Podcasts and Videos – Interviews with leaders and experts in complementary integrative cancer care, as well as people affected by a cancer diagnosis
  • Links to Practitioners – Sharing details on how and where to find the oncology trained integrative health and wellness professionals in your area.
  • Podcasts, Books, Audios and Videos – Reviewed and recommended resources on integrative cancer care for you.
  • National and Local Resources – Links to organizations, people and products that can provide support in the cancer journey and make your practice of integrative cancer care modalities easier, safer and more effective.

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